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VideoCrate PRO App #1: 1-Click Video Site Builder Pro


Want 10X More Traffic, Automatic Comments, Affiliate Link Cloaking, Channel Spying & Content Spinning on Your Video Sites?

Go PRO! Unlimited License: $37.00

Here's What You Get From 1-Click Video Site Builder Pro:

Social Proof and More Search Engine Traffic by Fetching Comments:

If you want, the plugin can fetch comments from the YouTube videos and embed them as regular comments in the posts.

This makes your site appear more "busy" and popular to your visitors. When this happens, your visitors will feel more at ease and will be much more willing to buy from your site.

Not to mention that pages with many comments get ranked higher on search engines like Google. Comments indicate that the content is interesting, which is what search engines want to give their users.

Even Better Integration with popular video-blogging WordPress themes:

If you use this option, then, when the posts are generated, the YouTube video thumbnail will get added as a featured image in your post.

This is useful, because some WordPress themes show featured images on the homepage of the site (a nice thumbnail grid), or in certain parts of the post template.

Avoid accidentally sending your visitors away from your site:

If you check this option, then any links found in the description of the YouTube video will be removed.

This way you can avoid your visitors clicking a "foreign" link and leaving your site.

Spy on Top YouTube Channels and Automatically Fetch Their Latest Videos:

The plugin can subscribe to the top YouTube channels of your choice and fetch any and all new videos those YouTubers upload - without you having to add keywords, or schedule posts.

This is a great way to fetch content from the top video content producers and authority figures in your niche, automatically. Set it once and forget it forever:

Text Spinning Option for More Unique Content and Higher Search Engine Rankings:

The plugin integrates with Spin Rewritter, one of the most popular and powerful text-spinning services.

This means you can enter your Spin Rewritter credentials in 1-Click Video Site Builder, and the description of the video will be rewritten using synonyms and related keywords. A Spin Rewritter yearly plan comes out to less than $7/month).

That way, your posts will be more unique. When this happens, search engines like Google give your content a "unique content bonus" and rank it higher.

Automatic Post Syndication, Backlinks and Traffic:

The plugin integrates with OnlyWire, a service that automatically syndicates your posts to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and 50 other social sites.

You can enter your OnlyWire credentials in 1-Click Video Site Builder ($5/month ProPlan required), and you will start getting backlinks automatically, from all over the internet.

OnlyWire is one of the best-kept secrets of smart marketers who rank high on Google.

The more backlinks you have, the further up the search engine listings you climb.

Automatic Link Cloaking for More Traffic:

Google doesn't always like sites full of affiliate links. That's why, many top marketers use link cloaking on their sites.

So, instead of having an affiliate link look like this:

The link looks like this:

This feature automatically cloaks the links inserted in the post templates.

Watch This Demo Video To See What You Get With The PRO Version:

VideoCrate PRO App #2: TubeRankMachine Pro


The SECRET to Getting 10 TIMES More Traffic is More Rankings
Get 9 MORE Software Apps + 5000 New Backlinks + Rank Any Website You Want on Complete AUTOPILOT...

Go PRO! Unlimited License: $47.00

Here's What You Get From TubeRankMachine PRO:

Pro Software #1 - Video Spy Tool

Instantly spy on your competitor videos or the top videos for your keyword, get their meta data and download it for your own videos from one place.

Pro Software #2 - Video Fetcher

Want to promote all the videos from your Youtube Channel? This software lets you fetch your videos and create backlinks to all of them instantly.

Pro Software #3 - Link Builder Pro

Automatically get the right keyword suggestions for your videos and build backlinks to them on complete autopilot.

Pro Software #4 - Web Links Pro

Want to build backlinks to your website & rank it higher? This tool finds you the right keywords and automatically builds backlinks for your websites.

Pro Software #5 - Video Indexer

Super fast indexing for your videos to faster, better rankings across Google and Youtube.

Pro Software #6 - Tags Generator Pro

Gets you video tags & keywords from Google, Bing & Amazon for your Youtube Videos

Pro Software #7 - Daily Link Builder

This set & forget software will build backlinks in an almost natural way every single day for 30 days for your videos or websites.

Pro Software #8 - Mass Link Builder

Automatically builds backlinks to multiple videos and multiple websites all at the same time.

Pro Software #9 - Backlink Reports

Instantly view your backlink details and grab all your backlink sources from one page.

Watch This Demo Video To See It In Action:

VideoCrate PRO App #3: WP Video Profits Pro


Add 10 Extremely Powerful Actions That Can 10X Your Income & Results
+ Get The Unlimited Videos
+ Unlimited Sites License...

Go PRO! Unlimited License: $47.00

Here's What You Get From WP Video Profits PRO:

Add Unlimited Actions to Unlimited Videos on Unlimited Sites - no limits on anything.

With the PRO version, you have no limits, you can create Unlimited Traffic campaigns to drive more traffic to your site across any number of posts or pages you want.

Run Your Own Video Ads Before, After or in the mid of Your Videos (just like Youtube does)

Want to get more traffic to each of your posts from multiple niches? No problem. The PRO Version allows you to promote posts/pages across multiple niche campaigns at the same time so you get double or even triple targeting & traffic.

Add ANY HTML Content on Top of Your Videos - new feature!

Want to drive traffic from custom sources like specific fanpages on Facebook? The PRO version lets you add any fanpage as a source so you can post, engage and promote content and drive traffic from that specific fanpage instantly.

Built-In Amazon Module:

Promote & Sell Amazon Affiliate Products right INSIDE your Videos!

(with a product slider too)

Add Click to Call for Phone & Skype inside your Videos.


Add SURVEYS inside Your Videos.


GotoWebinar + AutoResponder Integration - automatically add your leads to Webinars & Email Marketing Lists.


Clip Your Videos to The Side For Continuous Play


Redirect Viewers to Another Page after X seconds.


Show Your Video in 15+ Amazing Video Frames & Video Skins
Make Your Sites STAND OUT from Everyone Else!


& many more amazing frames + skins in the PRO Version!

Watch This Demo Video To See It In Action:

VideoCrate PRO App #4: VidEngage Pro


DOUBLE Your Results from VidEngage Instantly With Video Bar, Branding, Maximize Anywhere, And More... With VidEngage PRO...

Go PRO! Unlimited License: $37.00

Here's What You Get From VidEngage Pro:



With the PRO version, we’ve added an amazing looking VIDEO BAR that can host a few more elements that will skyrocket results for you. Pick any color for you bar, select opacity and transparency, Control the size & placement of the bar – its fully customizable to get you the most results.


Add your own branding to your video bar with the option to add a logo on it and remind your visitors of your product or your brand everywhere they go on your page. This is very powerful.


Nothing gets you more sales and results than having a catchy headline or sub-headline that is visible all the time and drives visitors to take action. Not only that, you can pick from 100s of Google fonts, select any text color, size and style for your headline/sub-headline and add a lot more marketing buzz, attract more eyeballs to your site.


You’re not limited to adding just headlines on the video bar. We wanted you to be able to do a lot more so Once with VidEngage PRO you can even add HTML Content to the Video Bar – so whether you want to add opt-in forms or a countdown timer or any additional HTML code or images… you can simply paste it and it will show up when your visitors scroll down the page.


This is a very cool feature that is a favorite of some of the top marketers who saw this early. With VID ENGAGE PRO your visitors can also MAXIMIZE the video at any place on the page. So even if they are half way down the page and the video shows something important, they can instantly maximize the video and see what is being shown without having to go back up. Now isn’t that cool?


All settings for the Video Bar across all your sites can be configured right from our online central dashboard and even after you have added the code to your pages, if you change settings in our software, the changes will automatically reflect on your sites, you wont have to add the code again and again. That is called ease of use.

Watch This Demo Video To See It In Action:

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